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January 17, 2019 | by Megan Henwood


How to Reduce Your Cyber Risk through Managed Service Providers

Cyber Essentials Canada’s network of trusted partners all share a mandate to ensure every Canadian organization can be better equipped in this ever-changing digital economy. Watsec, an accredited Certification Body and Practitioner under the CE Canada framework, has developed a Certified Cyber Essentials Canada Practitioner course to allow companies across Canada to equip their staff with a deeper understanding of cybersecurity, as well as to better understand the Cyber Essentials Canada program. 


Reducing Cyber Risk

Watsec is a cyber risk management firm located in Waterloo, Ontario. Watsec has many years of experience specializing in assessing cyber risk, and believes that the most effective way to manage cyber risk is by addressing both the technology andhuman factors. In recent years, studies published independently by Online Trust Alliance and Voke Media found that over 80% of security breaches could have been prevented by using more effective IT security practices such as systematic patching and comprehensive IT system configuration. Employing such practices, plus educating IT staff on better ways to secure the infrastructure is a powerful combination. It enables network managers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to better reduce risk from accidental and deliberate security breaches, therefore saving the company money and reputation.


To learn more about Watsec and their Cyber Essentials Canada Practitioner course visit


So, how can we manage our cyber risk? 

Watsec’s training program, Certified Cyber Essentials Canada Practitioner, is focused on educating the IT employees of companies and MSPs (Practitioners) on effective cyber risk management techniques and behaviour. The course prepares attendees to take a leading role in the creation of a corporate cyber risk management program within an organization. This course is especially valuable to IT staff of MSPs as it covers the what, why, and how to effective cyber risk management using the Cyber Essentials Canada (CE Canada) Certification.


This course will cover the key governance and technical subject areas for which the business must meet security requirements to obtain CE Canada's CE or CE Plus certifications. This includes general background on CE Canada Certification and the CE Canada Code of Ethics, as well as technical requirements for the 5 Cyber Essential control areas; Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateways, Secure Configuration, User Access Control, Malware Protection, and Patch Management. 


To learn more about the Cyber Essentials Canada certification journey or to sign up today visit


Why should we send our IT staff to this course?

Having key IT staff become Certified Cyber Essentials Canada Practitioners (CCECP) positions the organization to take full advantage of CE Canada’s CE and CE Plus certification programs. This training certification will equip students with practical knowledge of the CE Canada framework for ongoing cybersecurity risk management. It also provides the spin-off benefits of creating a competitive corporate business advantage, as well as enhancing students’ professional career skills.


And, who is recommended to take this course?

Registrants are expected to meet the following prerequisites to attend this course:

•    Have a working level understanding of network concepts;

•    Have a working level understanding of Windows or Linux operating system concepts;

•    Have at least 12 months technical experience in IT management, maintenance and servicing for an enterprise;

•    Have (or are seeking) a position with responsibility for IT architecture, security, or operations within a business.


Manage your cyber risk today. Enroll in the Watsec Certified CE Canada Practitioner course and reduce your risk immediately by educating your employees in effective cyber security risk management tools and practices. 


For more information, visit, OR register here for this exclusive offering.



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