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December 19, 2018 | Megan Henwood


How to Achieve Business Continuity


For many business owners, business continuity is the most important aspect of their operations. How do we keep the lights on and maintain productivity under any circumstance? As cybercrime rises for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the opportunity for business continuity to falter increases.


Cybercrime is not reserved for the big guys

There are many factors that can contribute to the slowdown of performance or complete halt of operations, many of which business owners have little control over, issues with distributors, market fluctuations, political factors etc. However, with an economy that lives online one area where business owners can mitigate risk is through cybersecurity. There is an assumption within the SME world, that cybercrime is reserved for the big guys. Most criminals seek to find vulnerabilities within large corporations to secure large payoffs. However, this is no longer the case. Online crime has shifted to SME’s. Multinationals have an easy in through these SMEs, which do not have the means to implement robust systems to protect their assets. Instead of weeding through multinationals, hackers look to low hanging fruit, the SMEs; an easy way in, and quick gains for these criminals.


A large percentage of Canadian enterprises are of SME size and enormous contributor for our economy. Employing much of our skilled workforce, offering diverse products to their customers, and stretching their brands across the globe, SME’s are a backbone moving our economy forward. SME’s hold valuable intellectual property that is growing more vulnerable as cyber-attacks increase.


New partner spotlight: SourcetekIT

SourcetekIT understands the importance of creating a safe economy for Canadian businesses. Offering IT and cybersecurity services to a wide range of Canadian customers to ensure their operations and intellectual property are protected. SourcetekIT is a reliable Managed security Service Provider (MSP) in Canada, so much so that Tech Data Canada, a large multinational specializing in IT products and services, has chosen SourcetekIT to be their exclusive provider of Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) services through their 5,000 channel partners across the country.


SourcetekIT’s SOC service is cloud based, and operates on a flexible monthly subscription models so business owners do not have to worry about implementing additional infrastructure. This is an ideal solution for SME’s who do not have the resources to improve the security posture of their organization by implementing a dedicated security monitoring solution. SourcetekIT understands the importance of business continuity which is why they have developed this new market offering. Cloud based SOC services allows business owners to mitigate risk in an accessible, cost effective manner. With a large partner network throughout the country, it is likely that your business is already working with an MSP who has access to SourcetekIT’s new service offering.


So, how do you actually achieve business continuity?

Cyber Essentials Canada understands the importance of business continuity; therefore, we have partnered with SourcetekIT to offer business Cyber Essentials Canada certification alongside SourcetekIT remote SOC service. Any organization that signs up for SourcetekIT’s managed SOC services is automatically Cyber Essentials Canada certified. CEC is a government backed cybersecurity certification program, available in both official languages, offering baseline standards to mitigate against 80% of common internet threats. CEC focuses on 5 key controls that instill awareness of cybersecurity best practices and create a corporate culture based on cybersecurity policies and procedures. This allows businesses to be educated on cybersecurity and move towards a model that ensures business continuity. Cyber Essentials Canada will also work with you to map to other cybersecurity certification programs if needed, such as: NIST and ISO 27001. With a SOC and CEC certification, businesses will be protected against cybercrime, have a badge of trust and due diligence to show their customers, and be up to date with new legislation surrounding procurement and data privacy. Most importantly these offerings allow business operations to move smoothly without interruptions from ongoing security attacks. Side by side these offerings are optimal for businesses across the country, creating an economic culture of safe operations.


How do I get started?

Reach out to your current service provider and discuss remote SOC services through SourcetekIT, or reach out to thousands of channel partners, and end-customers through these channel partners offering their services. The subscription is cost effective, fully managed and flexible.


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