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25 October 2018 | by Megan Henwood


About Cyber Essentials Canada


In the defence sector, companies are under constant threat of potential cyber attacks. Vulnerabilities within an organization can result in loss of productivity and revenue, compromise intellectual property, and cost a company the trust of its customers. Governments around the world are taking it a step further and requiring venders to have cybersecurity standards in place before working with public departments, or imposing fines on groups who suffer a breach and do not have preventative cybersecurity measures in place. 


Primes already know this, most have taken the measures to become NIST or ISO 27001 compliant. But, what about the supply chain? We commonly think cyber crime is aimed at large organization, but, the risk is now shifting to small and medium enterprises (SME). A prime’s supply chain can comprise of hundreds of SME’s, that may not have the means to mitigate risk. A growing number of primes have suffered from a cyber attack through a vulnerability in their supply chain, causing negative social media, and dissatisfaction from customers. So how do primes close the gaps in their supply chain?


Cyber Essentials Canada is the only government backed, government owned cybersecurity certification program. CEC is a cost effective solution aimed at helping SME’s achieve baseline standards to protect against the most common cyber threats. Being a fully managed solution, CEC is not resource exhaustive on suppliers, the process is seamless and easy, with the support of the CEC Success Team.


For more information on how to mitigate risk, or to start the certification journey, visit 



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