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14 December 2018 | by Megan Henwood


A Collaboration to Protect Canada's Digital Economy


When creating a successful business in a thriving industry-ecosystem, a key factor is partnership. Partnership and collaboration are necessary for businesses to reach new markets, spread across sectors, and grow their operations. Businesses methodically choose their partners based on their goals and objectives, selecting those that will help them achieve initiatives and create lasting relationships with their customers. Cyber Essentials Canada (CEC) understands the importance of collaborating with Canadian associations to reach our vision of creating a safe and prosperous economy. Therefore, we have recently collaborated with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, an organization that aims to promote cyber hygiene and protect Canadians and their businesses from future cybercrime.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce seeks to connect businesses across the country of all sizes and industries to create a competitive and prosperous economy. As the largest business association in the country with over 450 local chambers / boards of trade that represent and connect over 200,000 businesses, they work to on behalf of businesses across Canada to help ensure the success and growth Canadian business.


The partnership between Cyber Essentials Canada (CyberNB) and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will serve to educate Canadian businesses on the importance of cybersecurity, in an ever-growing digital world. How to protect their intellectual property, be part of a more secure and resilient supply chain, and to protect customer-data. Members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will now have access to the only government-backed, fully managed cybersecurity certification program in the country. The CEC certification program helps mature a business’ cybersecurity policies through monitoring and measuring current practices. Cybercrime is not exclusive to large companies; because of the growing number of attacks on SME’s across all industries, CyberNB sought to bring a certification program to the market that would be accessible for all Canadian businesses, create baseline best practices, and protect against over 80% of common online threats.


The Cyber Essentials Canada certification program was launched by CyberNB, a special operating agency of Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB), in January of 2018. ONB is the provincial economic development agency for the province of New Brunswick. Noticing an existing cybersecurity ecosystem in the province, ONB sought out to build a comprehensive strategy to build on the existing cluster and fill future workforce gaps in the industry. CyberNB was created to carry out economic development initiatives in the critical infrastructure protection sector. CyberNB launched Cyber Essentials Canada to offer the country a standard of security practices and a badge of trust to offer customers once they have moved through the program. The program is accessible for all businesses whether you are a small or medium business looking to meet cyber standards affordably, or a large enterprise looking to reduce vulnerabilities and ensure continuity within your supply chain. Without exhausting your resources, the CEC program can meet your needs.


The CEC program comes in two forms, CEC basic and CEC+. Members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce can now access the CEC program at a 25% discount. This discount is exclusive to Canadian Chamber of Commerce local Chambers and their members; another way the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is showing businesses across the country that they are here to benefit your business. Once a business, or local Chamber, signs up for the certification program, they will fill out a series of statements online through the online platform, outlining their current cybersecurity practices. These include items such as firewall software, password policies, malware protection etc. Once your journey on the platform is complete, a third-party Certification Body will review your statements accredited under the Cyber Essentials Canada program. The Certification Body will review your responses and supporting evidence, identify your gaps, and provide a series of recommendations - unless you have been able to demonstrate full compliance and are ready to receive your badge of compliance. Once you receive your badge, share it proudly with your customers; display it on your website and marketing collateral, to show that you have taken the proper measures to protect your customers’ data. If you decide to continue the journey to Cyber Essentials Canada+ (Plus) the Certification Body will perform onsite vulnerability testing, for an additional, industry-standard fee.


Signing up for the Cyber Essentials Canada program is seamless and easy; chambers and their members have their own login page which automatically applies a 25% discount from the registration cost of $1,750.00 (CAD +applicable taxes.)


For more information, Cyber Essentials Canada is encouraging Chambers to review materials provided by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce or reach out to the Chamber directly. The CEC team is also here to provide support and answer questions.


We urge Chambers to reach out to their membership. share the news of the CEC program, and assist them in signing up to be certified. We are excited about this new partnership between Cyber Essentials Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and look forward to working together to create a more safe and secure Canadian economy.




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