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Cyber Essentials Canada Expands Partnership to West Coast

7 April 2019 | by Megan Henwood


Cyber Essentials Canada is pleased to welcome as the newest Managed Service Provider in our partner network. is certified under the highest level of the Cyber Essentials Canada certification.


About Our Newest Partner provides businesses IT Solutions that “improve productivity, scalability, and security with less time and capital.” Primarily working with companies in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, they offer a wide range of solutions including hardware as a service, IT strategy and support, security assessments, data centres, and more.


F12  and about 200 employees in 9 locations across Canada, are working hard to ensure clients receive quality services and support. F12 understands that many organizations might not have the time and resources to develop, implement and maintain IT solutions so F12 encourages their clients to focus on their business and let them manage their IT.


Visit their website here.


Service Offerings

F12 has a variety of service offerings designed for  organizations with between 20 and 300 employees. A few to touch on are F12 Select, F12 Plus and F12 Secure. By implementing any of these offerings, your organization is one step closer to achieving compliance for the Cyber Essentials Canada certification.  


F12 Select is for businesses who value cost management over simplicity and whose owners want lower  operational expenses. In this program, businesses acquire their own hardware, and engage F12 to manage their organization’s IT services. This program is best suited for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


F12 Plus is a robust service offering combining hardware, software, IT support and cloud services in one. F12 Plus is a truly cost-effective package, bringing multiple aspects of IT together in a standardized and affordable bundle. F12 will make the upfront investment of hardware, software and labour, and they will work with your organization to add technology and/or services as needed. This program is best suited for organizations that prefer a simple way to scale without investing capital or credit in technology infrastructure.


F12 Secure offers security services to companies with 20-300 people. With ongoing monitoring and maintenance, F12 Secure is a preventative measure to protect a business’s Return on Investment (ROI). With F12 Secure, you receive risk assessments, ongoing threat detection, identification of security gaps, and an expert’s recommendations to mitigate cyber risk. Should your company suffer a breach, F12 is there to help recoup losses and get your business back on track as soon as possible.


Interested in more information? Visit here for all of F12’s  product offerings.


Our Collaboration

Much like Cyber Essentials Canada, F12 has your organization’s security in mind.  With F12 now partnered with Cyber Essentials Canada, your organization can achieve cyber resilience much easier, and faster.


F12’s guidance and managed services prepares your organization to meet compliance for the Cyber Essentials Canada certification by addressing any gaps and/or weaknesses before registering for certification.


Furthermore, adding yet another efficiency for your businesses, F12 will work with your organization to achieve your Cyber Essentials Canada certification. F12 will respond and provide evidence of your organization’s compliance on our monitoring toolset, The Cyber Highway, to ensure your certification processes fully managed, and non-resource exhaustive.


Visit today to learn more about their products and ask about the government backed cybersecurity certification program, Cyber Essentials Canada.

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