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CyberNB Inc. Trusted Managed Service Provider

BrunNet IT Solutions is a Managed Service Provider that excels in providing IT solutions and industry leading technologies to clients throughout Canada. They have been providing practitioner support for national cybersecurity certification frameworks for as long as Canada has had such offerings. CyberNB Inc. is proud to list them among our Trusted Managed Service Provider's!



Partner Spotlight Blog


Learn more about BrunNet's perspective on the new Federal Program, CyberSecure Canada, and their specific offerings in the October Partner Spotlight blog featuring Adam Sprague Chief Executive Officer at BrunNet IT Solutions.


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How can you contact BrunNet Inc. to set my organization up for success with the CyberSecure Canada program?


To set your organization up for successful CyberSecure Canada certification you can reach them via email: or select the contact button below.



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A foundational part of cybersecurity starts with knowing what systems, devices and applications in your environment are vulnerable because of software flaws, misconfigurations, or other issues. Organizations that haven’t yet taken advantage of vulnerability assessments find themselves at a distinct disadvantage since they are unable to identify and resolve issues—and take proactive steps to protect their data—before attackers exploit their network.


For a limited time, BrunNet is offering a Free Network Vulnerability Assessment of up to up to 5 external IP addresses/domains.


A BrunNet Vulnerability Assessment provides actionable intelligence resulting in less time and effort to assess, prioritize and remediate issues.

Contact us form more information.



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