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Q. We have an experienced IT department. Is Cyber Essentials Canada Certification necessary?

A. In addition to Cyber Essentials Canada being a prerequisite to an expanding number of business opportunities, it provides a valuable audit of your current information system practices.


Displaying the Cyber Essentials Canada badge on your website and within your collateral will also provide reassurance to your customers and other stakeholders that you have robust cybersecurity measures in place.




Q. What if my IT infrastructure is handled by a third-party provider?
A. Verify with your provider if they are Cyber Essentials Canada certified. If they are not, you should direct them to get certified. However, your provider does not need to be Cyber Essentials Canada certified for you to become certified. You can always contact us with your provider’s details, and our expert team will contact your provider to discuss the next steps. Contact us now.  



Q. What kind of attacks does Cyber Essentials Canada protect me from?
A. According to Lancaster University's study on Cybersecurity Control's Effectiveness, by implementing Cyber Essentials Canada framework, organizations are mitigating against 80% plus of common internet threats.  



Q. What happens if a Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Canada Plus certified company suffers a breach?
A. Cyber Essentials Canada will not protect against all attacks. It will help prevent approximately 80% of common online cyber threats. If you do experience a breach, we recommend contacting the RCMP. Keep in mind that, under various Acts and Regulations, cybersecurity certification is a form of due diligence, so you can rest easy if you are certified.   



Q. What types of companies can be Cyber Essentials Canada certified?

A. All companies should apply for certification, especially those already operating in, or selling goods or services to regulated industries (e.g. electronics manufacturing, health, defence, etc.) In addition, Cyber Essentials Canada is a prerequisite to an expanding number of business opportunities, while also providing a valuable audit of your current information system practices.


Displaying the Cyber Essentials Canada badge on your website and within your collateral will provide reassurance to your customers and other stakeholders that you have robust cybersecurity measures in place.




Q. Should I get Cyber Essentials Canada Basic or Cyber Essentials Canada Plus certified?

A. First you must decide on the level of assurance you would like to implement. Cyber Essentials Basic provides policy driven assurance, whereas Cyber Essentials Canada Plus requires a vulnerability scan of your network to ensure the organization is not susceptible to high risk or critical vulnerabilities. For more information on what each certification offers, visit here. 


Depending on the industry you operate in, you may be required to achieve Plus-level certification. Cyber Essentials Canada Basic and Cyber Essentials Canada Plus could be prerequisites to an expanding number of business opportunities. 




Q. What evidence is required to become Cyber Essentials Canada certified?
A. The requirements for Cyber Essentials Canada can be found here  



Q. What happens if my organization doesn't meet the Cyber Essentials Canada requirements?

A. If you haven't met all requirements, the Certification Body will provide you with a report outlining the gaps and will include recommended action steps to address those gaps. You will then have 30 days to examine your report and to adjust or provide clarification or additional information to meet the Cyber Essentials Canada requirements. 


We will re-assess at no extra charge within that 30-day timeframe. If you still fail after these 30 days, you will need to re-apply and will incur the assessment fee again.




Q. How long does the certification process take?

A. Certification time frame largely depends on how long it takes the customer organization to complete The Cyber Highway Journey Statements, including any required evidence. Once that is complete it next depends on the availability of the selected Certification Body. 


On average, the Cyber Essentials Canada certification should take about 30-60 days to achieve. 




Q. Will I be provided support during the certification process?

A. During the certification process you will be assigned a member of the Cyber Essentials Canada Customer Success Team. The Customer Success Team will be accessible to answer all your questions, provide you with resources, and connect you with accredited service providers who offer fee-based services. 


Your assigned Customer Success Team member is there to provide in depth assistance to achieve certification. Meet our Customer Success Team.




Q. How do I keep my Cyber Essentials Canada certification up to date?

A. If you make any changes to your security, e.g. updating your policies, or implementing new hardware or software, we recommend you regularly update these changes on The Cyber Highway. You may do so using your account on Regularly updating these changes will save you time when you re-certify.

An annual re-assessment will confirm that your organization remains protected and maintains the Cyber Essentials Canada certification benchmark. Certified cloud solutions also help take the worry out of maintaining certification for you.




Q. What is The Cyber Highway?
A. The Cyber Highway is the secure online platform customers will use to submit their application for certification. Click here for more information.  



Q. What happens when my account on The Cyber Highway expires?
A. You will no longer have access to The Cyber Highway. You have the option of renewal of the subscription. However, if you do not renew within 3 months, the stored data will be destroyed.  

If you have an inquiry that is not listed here, please contact us. A member of our Customer Success Team will answer any questions on concerns you may have.




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