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Through The Cyber Highway, users leverage an easy-to-use online compliance platform built on the latest best practices and underpinned by industry recognized standards. The Cyber Highway has fully encrypted security features and offers a trusted information-lead and evidence-based approach to compliance.


The platform is designed to make it easy for your organization to identify systems and devices that you must protect while also organizing evidence to assist with the external verification process required to maintain and develop policies and plans.




Self Assessment Dashboard View

Figure 1 – The self-assessment dashboard view on The Cyber Highway. Suppliers can manage their certification status and see a detailed overview of their “Journey”. They also have quick access to the Cyber Essentials Canada Customer Success Team.


Statement on The Cyber Highway

Figure 2 - The user friendly platform guides you through the Cyber Essentials Canada certification requirements. 


At a view glance, for Supply Chain Management

Figure 3 – The Supply Chain Management dashboard offers an ‘at a glance view’ of the progress of all suppliers through The Cyber Highway. This allows for constant monitoring of compliance among your supply chain throughout the year. 


Supplier view in Supply Chain Management

Figure 4 – A more in-depth view of a specific supplier’s progress on their journey to gain Cyber Essentials Canada certification.




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