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In partnership with Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Cyber Essentials Canada is pleased to announce an exciting federally funded propram offering Atlantic Canadian organizations a 75% discount on both levels of Cyber Essentials Canada certifications. But hurry, this is for a limited time only!


Cyber Essentials Canada Certification:


The Cyber Essentials Canada Certification Program has 2 levels:


Cyber Essentials Canada Basic:

Guides organizations through the certification requirements by leveraging our unique platform, where organizations must provide supporting evidence to show that they are compliant. This evidence is then audited by a Certification Body, which has been approved by CyberNB, the National Authority for Cyber Essentials Canada.


Cyber Essentials Canada Plus 

Includes Cyber Essentials Canada Basic compliance, together with a requirement for businesses to have a successful on-site vulnerability assessment, performed by a Cyber Essentials Canada Certification Body, before certification can be awarded.


The toolset requires you to answer a series of statements that define your business’ steps taken to improve and maintain security that better protects them online. Once you have completed your certification application, a third party of your choice (Certification Body), will review your application and then recommend certification, or action points for your business to achieve certification.


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How Does the Discount Work?


We handle everything for you. Simply contact us, and we'll register you for 25% of the cost. 


Who is Eligible?


Any organization in Atlantic Canada that would normally qualify for ACOA funding.


What is the cost before the discount?


Cyber Essentials Canada Basic:  $1,750 CAD plus applicable taxes
Cyber Essentials Canada Plus: $1,750 CAD plus applicable taxes & the cost of the onsite scan.


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Our Customer Success Team:


Access our dedicated bilingual Customer Success Team throughout your journey to certification. Our team is here to ensure you accomplish certification in a reasonable and timely manner. Additionally, Cyber Essentials Canada has partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that can be hired to assist with any technical requirements if your business needs additional help.


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