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“With over USD 1 billion investment in cybersecurity every year, security is a top priority at Microsoft. We view cybersecurity as one of the most important aspects for any economy that is rapidly digitizing and support the Cyber Essentials Standard as an effective foundation for every SMB or larger organizations with concerns about the security standards applied within their own supply chains. As well, these standards are a good first step in driving compliance with GDPR as they address pivotal security safeguards mandatory for an effective GDPR strategy.”

– Charlotte Burke, Vice President, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Canada


   "[On December 6, 2018], the Canadian Chamber of Commerce announced its partnership with CyberNB to educate businesses on the importance of protecting their intellectual property and customers’ data through the Cyber Essentials Canada program. Canada is losing $3.13 billion per year to cybercrime, and with predictions of cybercrime increasing to $6 trillion by 2021, having a solution to this rapidly escalating issue is a necessity."


- News Release





A Certification Body under the Cyber Essentials Canada framework is a company that has been accredited by the Cyber Essentials Canada Authority, and has been granted jurisdiction to conduct certification assessments on behalf of the Authority.






A Cyber Essentials Canada MSP is a trusted and accredited service provider that can help businesses prepare for certification. A CE Canada MSP must themselves demonstrate compliance with the Cyber Essentials Canada framework and uphold a Code of Conduct. 



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BrunNet is a leading technology service provider based in Fredericton, NB that has clients throughout the Atlantic region.  Being Cyber Essentials Canada compliant, and having a team specialized in ensuring businesses are up-to-date with cybersecurity requirements, they are dedicated to helping businesses large and small to keep their networks safe.  Focused on sales and management to SMB’s, BrunNet has been in the industry for almost 25 years.


Using their strategic security partners across the industry, BrunNet is determined to make sure that every business’s network is protected using the most current technology available.  Whether or not they’re your managed service provider, it is their mission to keep your business safe.

Bulletproof delivers strategic IT solutions with security at the forefront.  With more than 18 years in the security business, protecting their clients’ privacy and data is built into everything they do.  Today, users on 6 continents trust Bulletproof to secure their networks, data and people. From 24/7 threat monitoring to employee training and emergency incident response the now 170-strong Bulletproof team is passionate about helping organizations gain a competitive edge to enable their growth and reach new heights of productivity and efficiency, securely.


Bulletproof 365 makes your business Cyber Essentials Canada certification ready! B365 integrates the power of Microsoft 365’s advanced productivity solutions with the leading-edge protection of Bulletproof security to protect against today’s cyberthreats. is passionate about making information technology a powerful and stress-free asset for visionary leaders and their teams. F12 delivers comprehensive managed IT solutions for businesses and non-profits with between 20 and 300 employees.  F12 is the first Cyber Essentials Canada certified IT provider serving communities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.


The F12 Select and F12 Plus programs include the systems and policies needed for organizations to achieve Cyber Essentials Canada certification. F12 Secure, a managed security program, is for those seeking best-in-class cybersecurity, especially in the financial, health, legal, and manufacturing industries.

SourcetekIT has a location in Bolton, Ontario with an additional operating location in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  SourcetekIT has been a leading provider of cybersecurity services to companies of all sizes in North America. SourcetekIT specializes in utilizing cutting-edge technology, extensive knowledge and experience to help clients identify vulnerabilities аnd reduce business risk from cyber attacks.  SourcetekIT is the only Cyber Essentials Canada certified Security Operation Centre (SOC) in Canada.


By implementing SourcetekIT’s SOC as a service, the Cyber Essentials Canada certification gets extended to the end-client through this packaged offering. By combining the two, it makes the most secure program for your organization.

Watsec, located in Waterloo, Ontario, specializes in cyber risk management.  They have developed the Intelligent Cyber Resilience (ICR) risk assessment approach as a practical way for business clients to quickly understand and resolve cyber exposures, achieve compliance requirements, and maximize return on their cybersecurity investment. ICR addresses both critical aspects of cyber exposure: the technological and the human.


Watsec offers a Certified Cyber Essentials Canada Practitioner course, with the purpose of educating your IT staff with practical knowledge of the Cyber Essentials Canada framework. It also provides the spin-off benefits of creating a competitive corporate business advantage, as well as enhancing students’ professional career skills.

Cyber Security Canada’s goal has always been to bring the benefits of enterprise-level cyber technology and technical controls to small and medium size businesses from as far as the Far East, Middle East, South America and across Canada. They bring over a 18 years of experience in Security Assessments, Audits and Penetration Testing with the goal of securing our clients, via validating and improving their security processes and controls. In partnership with the Cyber Essentials Canada Program, Cyber Security Canada looks forward to providing clients with a structured path to cyber health. 





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